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Condizioni perfette sempre in home studio Manopole, slider,tasti, Display ok no segni di usura. Suoni a bordo, piano-strings-organ

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Disponibile - Spedito in 1 - 2 giorni lavorativi

€ 350,00

The MC 2000 is an expandable Master Keyboard equipped with an 88-key weighted keyboard with dynamic and Aftertouch sensitivity. Thanks to an alphanumeric display (2 lines x 40 characters) and 256 memory locations programmable by the user, the instrument combines user-friendliness with a high capability for personalization and for handling MIDI data (64 independent channels on the OUT ports plus 16 on the internal expansion port).

The power of the MC 2000 editing function is at the top of its category: as well as management of all channel messages, the instrument also provides the user with an exclusive systems editor with auto-acquisition function and a series of tools which allow constant monitoring of the effects of all the MIDI controls and commands during programming.

Each of the four sliders on the panel, and the four pedals which can be connected, can be associated to any Midi control change, and its behaviour can also be differentiated for each of the eight split - layer zones the instrument makes available.Special attention has been paid to the response to the dynamic pressure applied to the keyboard: a dedicated microprocessor guarantees high-speed, high-resolution acquisition of events occurring on the keyboard, thus supplying excellent precision through a wide dynamic range. What's more, the user is offered a choice of 32 dynamic response curves which can be assigned at the zone level and have adjustable offset, ensuring that even the most demanding performer can obtain exactly the expression he wants in every timbric and performance context. The instrument also offers ample potential for personalization in the management of channel aftertouch, as here again it offers 32 response curves with adjustable offset, assignable to single zones.

The expandability of the MC 2000 is guaranteed by an internal port compatible with the Waveblaster standard, giving access to various sound generation cards, including the OP1 card dedicated to piano timbres. It is important to underline that management of a card installed internally is exactly the same as for one on an external expander, guaranteeing the user total operational uniformity in the organization of timbric resources, whether remote or installed in the instrument. This is combined with a volume control dedicated to the internal sound generator and the self-setup function, in which the instrument automatically configures for the type of card fitted, and loads the relative dedicated programs.


Keyboard 88 Weighted keys w/ channel aftertouch

Display LCD 2x40 chrs

Number of programs 256

Number of zones / layer 8

Midi OUT channels 64 ext + 16 int

Midi IN Channels 32

Midi in ports 2

Midi Thru ports 2

Midi Out ports 4

Slider Real Time 4

Pedals 48 all user assignable

Encoder Dynamic

Velocity curves 32 with user offset

Aftertouch curves 32 with user offset

Program Change tables 32 preset + 16 user

System exclusive tables 32 preset + 32 user

Sys-ex tables features Assignable on each zone

Editing Sys-Ex tables with LEARN and CHECK functions

Chains 64 (128 steps each)

Chain Step Programmable

Mouse Serial mouse on RS-232 port.

Sound Card

Type Daughter Board WaveBlaster® compatible or Viscount OP-1 (E-IS2 tecnology)

Number of int. zone Up to 8

Device Configuration AUTO SETTING available for an easy installation

Controls Each slider can be assigned to any function of the installed sound card.

Indipendent Analog volume

Weight 23 Kg

Dimension (W x D x H) 1285 x 335 x 130mm

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