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bh110 cassa per chitarra cono eminence 1*10

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the “killer ant” is made to mate with the blackheart “killer cab” or as a perfect fit holding up the little giant 5 both physically and sonically; a single 10” 1016b eminence extension speaker co-designed by pyotr belov and eminence and perfectly paired to pull huge body out of the killer ant, little giant 5 and any other amp that doesn’t suck. also held to high standards, the killer cab is crafted from the same 15 ply (18mm) void-free plywood as the entire blackheart engineering amp range, features expertly applied, durable black tolex and of course boasts the tatto-ish charm of the bhe logo.


» 16 ohms » 30 watts power handling » 15 ply (18mm) thick, void-free plywood construction » 10" blackheart model 1016b by eminence speaker with british voicing, optimized for closed back cabinet » 2 x 16 ohm parallel speaker jacks

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