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The Workingman's 410T is an 8 Ohm, 400 watt, 4x10 speaker enclosure with a tweeter. It even comes complete with casters! Now you can get pro quality without the price tag!

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€ 690,00



Front slot port

Spring loaded rubber grip handles

Midnight blue carpeting with stack lock corners

Vibration-free grill

High quality metal input panel

1/4 in. in. in/out jacks

Internal Crossover

The internal (passive) crossover of the WorkingMan's 4X10T divides the incoming signal into 2 frequency bands. The crossover point is 5kHz (frequencies above 5kHz are sent to the tweeter, frequencies below 5kHz are sent to the 10 in. speakers).

Removable Caster Wheels

The WorkingMan's 4X10T is shipped with a set of four, heavy-duty, removable caster wheels. SWR uses only closed shaft sockets, which prevent air leaks or unwanted noise when the enclosure is in use. You can leave the casters in place during performance, but it's recommended that they be removed prior to setting up your amplification system. This will allow your cabinet to couple to the floor, which can be helpful in extending your system's bass response.

Suggested For Use With:

Workingman's 4004



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